Shinji Nakaba

Shinji Nakaba

Shinji Nakaba

Kanagawa Prf japan, 1950
Hiko mizuno jewelry school,  Completion of basic jewelery design course 1974、
Work included in the collections(Public collection)

・  Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (Canada)

・ Museum of Fine Arts, Boston,(USA)

・ Museum of Arts & Design, New York, (USA)

・ National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo,(Japan)

I started making jewelry since 1974 after I experienced fashion(design& dressmaking),Hairdressing,Shoesmaking,and graphic design.
I am making jewelry from recognition as «wearable sculpture» and exhibit them in group and solo exhibitions .
I use not only precious metals and stones but also something usual,such as aluminum Beer can or plastic bottle,or even some discarded materials.
I’m dealing all the materials equally no matter how precious or Not precious they are.Bring out their hidden talents and Beauty, then being re-born as Unknown treasures.
And one of my great interest is start a revolution to the Glyptic .Glyptic has been succeeded from ancient times.      
(Glyptic is carving technique for jewelry )

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